Do Zumba, Dance and Work Out on Carpet

Save your knees and ankles when doing Zumba or dance on carpet!

Carpet Sliders allow you to spin, step and slide on carpet without getting stuck. They work on most styles of shoes and fit snuggly. If you’ve had problems with Zumba Carpet Gliders sipping off while working out then we highly recommend you try a pair of Carpet Sliders.

Carpet Sliders are made of the highest quality elastic and grosgrain ribbon and grip your shoe more firmly than other gliders.  Most people find that Carpet Sliders are longer lasting because of the superior elastic we use.

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“A great (and frankly higher quality) alternative to Zumba Carpet Gliders”
- Christine, Dance Instructor

“I’m very happy with how well these have worked.” 
Barbara, Zumba Enthusiast


High Quality & Made in the USA!

Our hand-made sliders are double stitched to make them extra durable and come in a variety of fun colors and patterns. We use a high grade weave elastic that is durable and provides a exceptional fit for almost any size shoe. Our grosgrain ribbon patterns are cute, unique and a lot of fun. We take pride in making high quality sliders that are beautiful, durable, and work great.


Top performance with a money back  guarantee!

If you’re not satisfied with your Carpet Sliders we’ll make it right; whether that’s refunding your purchase or getting you a different pair. With hundreds of satisfied customers we’re very focused on making sure you have a great shopping experience.

Compare Zumba Carpet Gliders and Carpet Sliders:

Zumba Gliders Carpet Sliders
Works on most carpet
Made from 100% Spandex Durable tight-weave elastic and grosgrain ribbon
Made in the USA
Lots of cute patters and colors
Money back guarantee